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You are asked to forward this page to your friends on social media with a request for them to print out some A4 copies of the Watneys advert and take them to your local pub or club asking everyone to donate some cash to Comic Relief via Grisweld’s donation page or else the comedians will make the government bring back Watneys Red Barrel.
Dave Sampson has been helping with Comic Relief for many years. In 2010 a young puppy called Grisweld wanted to help as he was a fan of Sir Lenny Henry, and as he was also the Great Grandson of Spit the Dog who used to appear on the TV show Tiswas with Sir Lenny and Chris Tarran the cheeky young pup persuaded 3 comedians to produce a retro TV advert for a famous beer Three men and their dog, What they want is Watneys a beer which ceased to exist after the formation of the Campaign for real ale. Can you name the three comedians?
In 2017 Grisweld the Super Dog asked Dave if he could do a show at Brinklow pub The Raven. Dave thought that nothing could possibly go wrong . But as the pair walked up to the pub on Red Nose Day they passed a policeman’s wife walking towards them.
She gave Dave a load of abuse about the time her police officer husband had appeared at an IPCC tribunal and had been found Guilty of misconduct after Dave’s family had complained about him. As the Sampson’s had already received an abusive libellous letter from the woman Dave made a complaint to his MP. In May 2017 the policeman’s wife was arrested by the police for sending a malicious communication. While she was being questioned under caution she alleged that 2 month’s earlier on Red Nose Day Grisweld had said lewd words to her and had sexually assaulted her before hiding in Dave’s trousers. As a result the police said that Grisweld had to come down to the police station and make a statement . Dave told the policeman not to be so silly. But then the officer said that if Grisweld didn’t make a voluntary statement about Red Nose Day then he would be back with his Sergeant and Grisweld would be arrested as an alleged sex offender.
So it was agreed that Grisweld would volunteer a statement and using legal aid he would have the services of a solicitor. Dave & Grisweld raised about £300 for the 2017 Comic Relief charity but they reckoned that Grisweld’s visit to the police station with a solicitor and police costs would have cost the tax payer more than the £300 they had raised on Red Nose Day. But one has to remember that Warwickshire police have shed loads of money and have problems spending it all. In January 2018 the CPS dropped the case against the policeman’s wife as she has mental health problems and “hears voices”. Dave has been writing stories for newspapers since he was 14 years old. So he sent copy to a leading news agency and the picture of Dave & Grisweld appeared in newsp apers all over the world.
= The link to the Just Giving Comic Relief page may not work on some smart phones so you may have to copy and paste. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/grisweld-the-super-dog?

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